Monday, January 25, 2010


Photo by Kevin Benedict

As I was going Northwest, Kevin was coming south in California. We managed to meet up in Stockton. Mexican food, coffee, photos, conversation, a long escorted walk to McDonalds and playing on the playground were just a few of the adventures we had that evening. We both crashed in our cars outside of a rest stop, but before we parted ways Kevin took advantage of the great California morning light. Thanks so much for the picture, and thanks so much for that extra blanket... I would have froze!!

Utterly Terrific Tots and Teens

This is the personal project I worked on at the Knoxville News Sentinel. I was unsure how to upload it directly, so here it is linked to the KNS. I would love some feedback!

New Year Old Photo

I was on the West Coast hanging out in Portland when I got a phone call from my old boss. (I used to manage a retail store for several years, saving money to help pay for my PJ degree.) My old boss needed help with a store for the holidays, so the next day I packed my things back into my car and drove straight east in three days. I had a few days in Kentucky and Tennessee to unpack, repack, see some friends and family and then start at this store the week of Thanksgiving. Working 42 hours a week... well 70 hours for a few weeks, I couldn't find time or energy for photo. Hence why my blog has been neglected the past few months, and the only photos that have made it were all after hours shots.

I missed photo like crazy. Getting out, meeting people, listening to people's stories, learning new ways of life, and just, well, living. Photo is definitely my passion.

For the past year I have been joyfully jumping through the hoops of the Peace Corps application process. Nominated to do Community Development in Sub-Sahara Africa in April (a nomination is just a nomination folks, don't get excited yet. I will let you know if/when I get an official assignment.) I have been patiently waiting to hear something, and for the past few months its been silence.

Right now I am free. I have so many paths I could take. I feel like I am just getting to the juicy part of a choose your own adventure book. I applied for an amazing position with the retail company I was working for, but so did 150+ other qualified people. And retail is just one of those things I am good at.... The company is great, my boss is amazing and I enjoy it. But its not my passion. Photo on the other hand, I live for... I am not great at it, but I love it. And then at the same time I don't want to apply for photo jobs yet. Considering they are few and far between, I would hate to take an opportunity away from another fellow photographer to finally hear from the Peace Corps a few months later. And then there is Haiti... which I feel my heart stings calling me to do some volunteer work there to hold me over for a while. So who knows what the future will bring: retail, photo, volunteer work? I just know today I have a lot to think about and several opportunities to be excited about.


From November.
Photo inspired from a photo of Jordan Pendley.

Utah Morning

From November.

Cage the Elephant

Chase'in Light

Boys and Explosives