Friday, February 26, 2010

Fight Night

My friend, Drew's little brother participated in a charity boxing match. Three rounds just over a minute each. Not an amazing shot, but it was the best I got out of three minutes of shooting, at a no photo event...


Mom, don't tell Dad I wrecked the car...

Story Time!
So today I went to the grocery store with my roommate and he was picking on me because, even to the grocery store, I bring my camera every where.
It was a sunny, warm (for February) day and I figured after the grocery store I would take our recyclables to the drop off center at Kroger. After that I got gas, and then turned out of the gas station to go home. Well Kroger is directly between my old house and my new house in Knoxville and I happened to turn to go to my old house! *slaps hand on forehead* Thinking what an idiot I was, I turned down a street to turn around when I noticed water rushing down the hill. I drove up the hill to see what was going on and came to this scene.
What had happened was an officer was responding to a call, with lights and sirens on. A woman, accidentally pulled out in front of the officer and he had to make a choice to either hit her, or to knock out a fire hydrant and run into a tree. Comically the woman stopped to ask if he was ok, when the officer said yes, and to hang on so they could file a report, the woman responded "I have a doctor's appointment." And left the scene. The police are waiting to check the car's camera to find the woman's license number.