Monday, December 13, 2010


Madame Watkins Part 2


The Mzuzu Zoo


Womba Gha Fyo Kuwomba


Lughanoulupese, which means Skinny Love in Chindali, a puppy from Chimmy, has been a major contribution to my happiness in Misuku. But as it has taken so long for me to publish posts, and since I have been away from site for a few weeks it has turned out that he was stolen. I plan on getting back to site in the next two days and looking for him. Hopefully I will find him when I get back. Wish me luck.


The Story of Chimmy:
Sarah, the first Peace Corps Volunteer at my site, had people over for Christmas when they heard a commotion from outside. Apparently a litter of puppies had fallen into the Chimbutzi (pit latrine.) The volunteers spent their Christmas Day trying to fish these puppies out of the Chim and finally was able to save one.
Since that day Chimmy (as I call her) or Senje (another word for pit latrine) has been a loyal friend to all three of us Misuku volunteers. She follows me to language class and sleeps outside the door until I leave. And is just a loving dog, which is a rarity in Malawi.


Hornedbill Trumpeter

P.S. Thanks Margaret for letting me borrow your bird book. I have seen this bird around my site and had no idea what it was!

Madame Watkins

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mughese Forrest


Put It In A Song

The Grapes of Wrath

Inbetween Homes

The Watcher In The Woods

Misuku Girls Hostel


Sundown Showdown

Reaching for Hope

The Path Most Traveled


Mali Penga

Bump Shot



Gule Wamkulu


Homestay Family