Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby Malin

Shooting maternity photos is pretty new to me... ok I confess, this is my first go at it. Pleeeeease give me some feedback as how to improve. We didn't get much visual diversity in the backgrounds since the adorable youngster, Hazel, was nearing nap time. But I'd like to give this another try sometime.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outside the Castle Walls

Blarney Castle and the Wishing Stairs

I see a theme here.

Peaches in Window, Florence: Attempt 1

I was sitting by the window in a hostel when I realized that the lace curtain reminded me of Sam Abell's "Pears in Window, Moscow" photograph. Instantly I wanted to recreate it but instead of Moscow and pears, I'd have the Pitti Palace and peaches. The following day I bought some peaches, but we didn't back to the hostel doing the nice light hour. The following day we get back from exploring Florence only to find one of my peaches was eaten! I went down stairs to the window, opened it and began laying out the peaches. I ran upstairs to grab something and by the time I returned the hostel front desk attendant had shut down the entire operation. So I ate the peaches. This picture was while I was setting up and testing the light. By no means a finished product. We gotta post the ones that we're proud of and the ones that got away... for now.

Palazzo Pitti

Rainy Day in Florence

The Colosseum

I tried to stay away from typical Colosseum photos.