Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Watcher

Feature Hunt


My own spin on a project has been a villager-to-villager apprenticeship. Students from my Form 4 (High school seniors) chose what trade they wanted to learn and then were paired up with a Misuku carpenter, tailor, basket maker, cook (my counterpart, NaSimwela), knitter, and I even taught art, how to make friendship bracelets and the benefits, growing and harvesting Moringa trees. Here are some of their hands-on experience.

A New Hope

The Hope Kit is a tool that us Peace Corps (and others) use to inspire people in the villages to talk about HIV/AIDS. It uses metaphors, games and is a fun, interactive way to get people of any language and any educational level to learn more on HIV/AIDS. In the 2007 study, Malawi was ranked the 9th worse country, with an average of 12% of its population infected with HIV/AIDS.
I have an amazing counterpart, NaSimwela, who basically did the entire demonstration solo. She did however allow me to do the condom demonstration to the giggling 36 women…. And yes those are wooden penises that are in the group picture.