Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rock in a Sock!

A bunch of bikers were sitting around a campfire at my house a few years back, talking and shooting the... well you know. One of the storytellers heard that if you put a rock in a sock, and throw it up in the air, bats would attack it.
Now, this memory only surfaced when Kevin and Nathan pointed out that there was a gnarled old tree in Nathan's back yard that Brett suspected was a casa de bats. Brett wasn't around to tell us that we were all idiots, so we decided to test the theory for ourselves. Did it work? I guess you are going to have to try it sometime, and find out for yourself.


mom said...

i love this photo/silouette. hope you are getting settled in your new abode(cute house & cat). don't make me try the rock in the sock just tell...did it work?

Anonymous said...

Old biker says one thing to remember is the sock needs to be white.. no idea why but worked better!