Sunday, September 7, 2008


I find that we are extraordinarily lucky. Our career is our hobby. Other professions, they work their nine to five and on the weekends, and only if there is time, they get to escape to their hobby.
Us, we are the fortunate ones. Everyday we go to work, excited, ready to meet new folks, hear good stories, tell good stories, do what we love to do. See. We have this black clicking contraptions that is our key to, not only our lives, but the exciting and different lives of other people. We get the privilege to be curious and to explore that curiosity.
Sometimes as my hobby, I use photography and other peoples' lives to escape. To escape my own life.
This particular day, I could not escape. The faster I drove, the faster my life kept up the pace. The further I drove, the further I drug my thoughts with me. I enter a town where there is little to remind me of the real world. My thoughts followed me into this new world. This place of kings, knights, dancers, fairy's, and maidens, my thoughts followed me everywhere. There was no escape. My pictures showed that fact. I left my poor attempt of a hide-a-way, and shot this picture on the way out.

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