Friday, July 17, 2009


Fay Loriaux, 72, of Heiskell, holds a teddy bear and fox toy that belonged to her chiuaua, Rosie. Rosie was allegedly shot by Loriaux's neighbor on April 13, 2009, which happened to be Rosie's third birthday. Daniel Smith, 31, is charged with intentional killing of an animal and reckless endangerment.
"Rosie ran behind the neighbors house," Loriaux recalled, "and since I had just broken my arm I took the road. I was walking down my neighbor's driveway when I heard the pop and saw Rosie go down. It was like I wanted to run to her, but I couldn't move."
The two stuffed animals were Rosie's favorite toys.
"They stay by the computer, next to Rosie's photograph," Loriaux said. "I can't give these to the new dogs yet."

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