Monday, November 10, 2008

Lights Out

There are just times where you have to laugh at what life brings. My D3 managed to crap out, so I have been using my D200. Of course, it seems like all of my assignments have been low light situations. Note: High School lit football fields, and a D200 are a challenging combination! Saturday I had one assignment to knock out before I left for Detroit. It was a Chinese Cultural Festival at the Midland Center for the Arts. I had two to three hours to get some rockin' photos and then be on my way. In good humor, the electricity was out at the Center for the Arts.... there was electricity in every other building in Midland, it just happened to be out at the one place I had to shoot. Sometimes I get a kick out of making the best of what I got. We all need an extra challenge every once and a while. So I made the choice to leave my flash in the car and utilize what was given to me. Two photos, that were more storytelling, ran in the paper, but this one happened to be my favorite.

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Taylor Hayden said...

You are inspirational, way to not feel defeated, I think I would have!