Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanks, Giving, Dinner

Since I have been in Midland, a family has really taken me under their wing. Whether it is watching movies or Sunday afternoon lunch, the Senor family has been extremely generous to include me in their life.
With the death of my last grandparent and my cousins already starting their own families, I realized that Scroggins family gatherings are now a thing of the past.

The Senors are going to be traveling this Thanksgiving week, and are leaving their middle son, Andrew, behind. They decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner today, so that they could all eat together. And I had a seat at their table.

So, in light of Thanksgiving, as cheesey as this may be, I am thankful for the Senors and the other families and individuals out there that put trust in a stranger, and aren't just thankful, but giving as well.
Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Andrew and Pita before Thanksgiving dinner today.


Emily-Rose said...

Bri baby! Come to Indianapolis on Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

THat is a very nice response to a very thoughtful family and I too would love to thank them for including you in their lives. Love ya DADDY

Tanner Curtis said...

Awww that is so sweet!

Momma said...

What a beautiful tribute to your new friends; and what a blessing to have these folks in your life when you're so far away from home. I miss you. Thanks to the Senor family for taking care of my little girl.