Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cage Rage

In the blue corner is Briana "The Porcelain Twig" Scroggins. Ha ha.
It's been a while since I really shot for myself, so I decided to venture out to a cage fighting match yesterday. Not my cup of tea really. I have a hard time not empathizing with the fighters, but I only got queezy once, so I consider that a victory. But trying out new things is always good. It was definitely a new experience. The photos aren't where I want them to be, so I look forward to trying it again sometime.
I am hoping to add one of these to my men culture project, so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.


Momma said...

I can't imagine what more you are looking for in your shots. The detail and stop-action are "excruciating." The subject notwithstanding, your photos are excellent. I especially like the first one.

Momma, again said...

"The Porcelain Twig"!?! You are too funny.