Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planned Luck

I was covering the Carry the Torch luncheon, a fundraiser for the Volunteer Ministry Center for the homeless on Tuesday at the Knoxville Convention Center. The catch was there was this grid of natural light coming from the ceiling sun windows, but all the vendors were set up elsewhere. So I sort of set up shop next to this angel artist. I was literally hiding behind her easel, waiting and watching for anything to happen. I am pretty sure the angel artist thought I had lost my mind, perched behind her easel, staring at this wall, closing one eye to line people up as they passed by. I kept waiting and waiting, but nothing happened, so I went around and looked for some moments and other things to shoot. But I kept coming back to that easel, changing exposures, just in case something happened.
Finally, something happened. There was this man sharply dressed with this fantastic hat on. People were crowding him, and I just waited and waited until they cleared. Then he walked off, I snapped three frames as he walked by. This was the third frame.
Just so happens that my sharply dressed subject was Denver Moore, the co-author of the book "Same kind of Different as Me." He had spent almost 30 years of his life homeless, and was at the luncheon to sign books.

And what was supposed to be buried photo (of a subject that the P.R. lady said I wouldn't be able to catch) turned out to run steak sauce Wednesday morning.
Planned luck.

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Momma said...

Love this shot. I'll bet Mr. Moore would love it, too. Great job by you.