Friday, February 22, 2008


In my APJ class we have these really awesome assignments called "Thought Projects." You are given a theme and then you develop a journalistic story off of that theme. For this thought project in particular, we drew antonyms out of a hat, and I got "Good/Bad." I made sure that I didn't direct my ideas towards good people and bad people. I wanted it to be something more. (Plus, can't just walk up to someone, say "Hey, I am a college journalist, and I am doing a project on good and bad people. Could I use you as one of my "bad people"?)
So I started thinking about the economy and what is good and bad about America's economy. One of the good things that I personally enjoy are parks and playgrounds. I don't mind it one bit when our taxes go toward something that brings people and the community closer together.
The bad? Well in America (it seems to me, is more prominent than other countries) there is this constant need for money. Whether it is our culture or the combination of inflation and minimum wage, what we have is never enough. In many cases, women can get college degrees and still not earn a salary comparable to what they could make in a few months at a gentleman's club. This lady in particular had a 3.8GPA, and two scholarships offered to her after high school. She gave them up because she suddenly had to start supporting both her and her mother.

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William DeShazer said...

Wow...This should lead to something big...Great seeing.