Monday, June 2, 2008

Small Fish in a Big Lake

So while I wait for Peter Pan to take me to Never-Neverland, I guess I have to do a little growing up. Western's lab, geez, how I miss it. All the inspiration buzzing about, the all-nighters, needing help on an edit at one in the morning and having three peers there to help, friends, professors, and you know what..... those printers you had to tone a hundred times for, and the computers with their little glitches... I miss them too.

Kinkos' computers: 30 cents a minute.
Kinko's 2 sided color prints: $2 a page.
U.S. Postal Service two day delivery (because the town is so small you can't overnight it!): $30
Total spent in three hours: $63
Re-vamping your portfolio in a week and still making deadline for applying to the next internship: Priceless

In all reality, growing up isn't that bad. I am learning sooo much, and I still have more growing to do. Here are a few things I have done while I have been here.

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William DeShazer said...

The Last two here are real nice. I love the moment with the minister.