Sunday, June 22, 2008

Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed

So you wouldn't peg this adorable mug as the face of satan... but evil is known for its deception! Ah, yes, so I have been house-sitting for one of the photographers at the T-U, and along with it came this cute mutt, Maggie and an awesome cat named, Smokey. Smokey is this fantastic sherbet and grey cat that will easily have a conversation with you. Seriously! She meows, you meow, she meows in response, you meow back not to be rude, and this cycle goes on for hours.... with a side of chin scratches, of course!
Maggie, well this pup's hobbies are as follows: squirrel chasing, window scratching, barking, a fantastic "I gotta go" dance... when she really doesn't need to go, staring while you eat, always following you room to room, etc. But I think my favorite thus far (one week into a two week gig) is when I took her out for a walk, and after my shower she jumped in, and once her feet were nice and saturated she dodged out of the bathroom, leaving a trail of two-by-two foot prints which lead to my bed, and the sneaky pup dug her way under my covers just to leave a dozen doggy mud prints in my sheets.... as I was about to get into bed. Sigh. Does Elmer's need any volunteers?

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