Monday, April 27, 2009

Bump shot

Three of my best girl friends came into town this weekend. Melissa, who I have known since middle school, Emily-Rose, who I have known since college, and Ally, who I met this summer during my internship at the Florida Times-Union.
We took over Knoxville on Saturday night, just to sneak in two hours of sleep before getting up at 5am on Sunday to start shooting. We had such a great time. Ally was our driver extraordinaire, and Melissa and Rose swapped between being my poser/light stand and modeling.
I really appreciated everyone's help and effort they put into the day. And I personally love the warm-fuzzies that I got from letting my friends know how awesome, inside and out, they are.

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Momma said...

So glad you had a fun weekend with your buds. The girls look beautiful; and you do wonderful work! My favs -- Mel's Riviera and Emily-Rose's feet:) I like the one of Rose in the grass, too. Great job by you. xox