Thursday, April 30, 2009

From All Sides

My first assignment on Tuesday was to shoot the Knoxville Zoo's Aldabra giant tortoises. These giant tortoises, and by giant I mean weighing over 600lbs, are sensitive to cold weather and are locked in doors for the winter. After big Al, lifted a huge beam out of the wall with his shell and started banging on the door, the zoo decided it was time to let them out.
The zoo workers were super cool and let me go in with the tortoises for a few shots. Well, while I was in there a woman snapped a photo of me with big Al, and emailed it to me this morning! Ironically, her son was a volunteer at the zoo and the photo that ran was of her son! ha!
So, I just thought it was such a kind gesture of this stranger to think of me and send me a photo. It really made my day. In my eight years of shooting, this is the first time this has ever happened. Its a nice way to start the day for sure.
Here is the pic she took of me, and I found the frame with her shooting in the background, and her son is the gentleman in the blue, on the far right.

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