Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let's Get Together and Feel All Right

Oh man, what a night. Where to start. Earlier this week I helped judge NPPA and since then I have been chomping at the bit to shoot better photos. And yesterday was my day. The sun was out, it was beautiful weather and I had two fun assignments. One assignment was a river cleanup and the second was a Y-12 National Security Complex protest. I finally shot a few frames that gave me the warm fuzzies that I was looking for... nothing amazing mind you, just a couple feel goods. Well after being sick this week and working my third 12 hour day, I was cramming to make deadline last night. In all my commotion I hit some key command that magically vanished all of my frames from the protest, minus the three I had toned for the paper. I searched the computer, the trash - nothing. I finally resorted to image rescue and could only recover the first half of the frames... the first half before the protesters reached Y-12.
Le sigh.
So this is all I salvaged from the shoot.


Rebecca Barnett said...

I love these, all of them are great!!

Margaret Fenton said...

A dose of those photographic warm fuzzies can keep you going for weeks. Really love the one with the paper dolls strung through the fence - great layers. Here's a verbal pat-on-the-back from one Tennessean to another.